Pastor Leota Magele turns 70

At Otahuhu Worship Centre Church, Tuesday night, 16th october, men turned up to a Fathers Meeting with the Worldwide Pledge Committe, with the Word of God shared by Pastor Too and Apostle Viliamu Mofoe. We were so blessed with the Word of God, Ps Too sharing and revealing the spirit of sonship, relationship of father and sons of the house, with emphasis on “deeply rooted” of sons in the fathers house.

The Apostle shared a Word of revelation on the roles of men, fathers of the house and a new revelation on the incident at the garden of eden, between Adam and Eve, and we were so blessed.

Pledge 2018 Committee Praying for Leota

The night was so special with the acknowledgement and recognition of the long service of one of the pillars of Worship Centre Church, Ps Leota Luka Magele turning 70, praise be to our God, To Him be the Glory, Forever and Ever, AMEN. 

Happy birthday Leota!

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