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Over the last few weeks of this month, April, a team of Pastors and servants of the Lord from various branches of the church went on a special mission, to established the church in India.
The Crosses on the Map marks the location of wcccw church all over India.

All nine members of the team wcccw, lead by Ps Moala, were overwhelmed at what God is doing in India, their mission was to share the Word, equipping Pastors and leaders from various branches in India, encouraging and building them up for ministry, winning souls for the Kingdom. 

Another milestone of their mission was the groundbreaking of worship centre property in Nagpur. The property has been bought, and now ready for developments on the land.


We are so thankful for what God is doing in India, and we also like to thank you all for your continuing support in prayers and contributions that makes mission possible. We also like to acknowledge our dear brothers in Christ and co-workers of Worship Centre India particularly Ps Benjamin, Ps Abhishek, and the church in India. We thank God for your service in the Kingdom.

The team that went on this mission are:

1. Ps MoalaTaua Moala (taitai malaga Brisbane Australia)
2. Ps Leuli Ieriko (Mangere WC, NZ)
3. Ps Osasa Aukuso (WC Amerika Samoa)
4. Ps Sepi Paulo (WC Otahuhu Auck.)
5. Ps Sega Tofilau (WC Porirua Wellington NZ)
6. Ps Aukuso Falaniko (Henderson Worship Centre, Auck)
7. Ps Elia Tui Mafoe, (WC Christchurch)
8. Ps Caleb Faleao (WC Melbourne)
9. Ps Pati Lauvi (WC Mt Druitt, Sydney)

And for that, We give all the Glory and Honor to our God, forever and ever, AMEN.

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